my Path (February – work in progress)


Filmed using an iPhone 4 and “Path”
Music: Judith Selena Prendergas – Remember

I started using the “Path” application on my iPhone around February. I loved the video (+hipster effects) feature. Although the video quality is really bad, I found it, in its way, nice. Something like a digital 8mm video. So I decided to shoot at least a video a day with it, for year and then at the end combine them all together to form a little movie. Like a time capsule. I couldn’t wait for a year to pass, so I deciced to upload montly versions of the video.

This is February combined. A video (or more) per day for 29 days.

The music was a rough recording I made in October 2010, at Brockwood Park School, with Judith Selena Prendergast (age 17 at the time) of a song titled “Remember” that she has composed. I somehow found it to fit the project.


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  1. Olivia

    I am definitely amazed with Iphone especially when I see this film from you.
    Wow, you amazingly done this filming well.

    Olivia from broyeur papier 


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